Our people are our biggest asset. Keeping each of our staff safe, trained, challenged and motivated translates into confidence, satisfaction and dedication on every project, which shows in the quality of the results delivered.

All of Gecko's technicians are trained and assessed to the highest international IRATA* standards not only in the implementation of rope access techniques, but also in the use of specialized tools, machinery and equipment required for the range of services that Gecko provides.

All Gecko technicians possess the enthusiasm, physical fitness, skills and a minimum of six months of training and hands on experience to achieve Level 2 IRATA* certification. Only then are they considered to be fully qualified to perform duties on any project.

This personalized training, coaching and individual career path development translates into better quality work, motivated employees, deeper job satisfaction and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

The difference between a regular employee who fulfills the bare minimum and a member of Gecko's team who goes above and beyond is evident in the quality of work that is regularly delivered.

*IRATA – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association