GRAKO awarded contract for Abu Dhabi's iconic Capital Gate
Specialist team to keep façade of capital's newest landmark spotless

Dubai, UAE, April 3, 2012:

GRAKO the Middle East's leading specialised high-level access cleaning company has been awarded the contract to keep the façade of Abu Dhabi's iconic Capital Gate sparkling. Developed and owned by Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC), Capital Gate is the newest additional to the Abu Dhabi skyline and the ultimate business address in the UAE capital.

GRAKO's ability to provide total access solutions backed by a proven track record with some of the UAE's most prestigious properties, as well as focused health & safety and eco-friendly procedures won the company a one-year contract as the preferred high-level cleaning partner for the Capital Gate. During the contract period, GRAKO will provide continuous and expert high-level cleaning services to help maintain the landmark's gleaming image and highest standard of excellence.

The Capital Gate is a stand-alone structure, rising 160 meters above the ground (35 floors) and is built with a westward incline of 18 degrees. The futuristic tower also houses the 5 Star 'Hyatt Capital Gate' in addition to 15,000sqm of the most exclusive office space in Abu Dhabi. Being the newest and most recognisable property in the city and having it iridescent at all times is a matter of pride and prestige for the city. It is especially challenging to keep the façade spotless, considering the natural elements GRAKO have to contend with. The company has a highly skilled and dedicated team working on the façade continuously to ensure it stays clean at all times.

"Capital Gate is one of the most technically challenging engineering projects in the world, and high-level access cleaning for a structure of this kind presents its own set of challenges," said Alain El Tawil, Managing Partner, GRAKO. "GRAKO have a proven track record and extensive expertise in tackling some of the most challenging projects in the UAE, and working on Abu Dhabi's most prestigious property is another opportunity for us to demonstrate our capabilities. It's not about just cleaning the structure, it's about helping the city maintain its futuristic and progressive image."

The asymmetrical nature of the structure, its incline and the ‘splash' connecting the Capital Gate to the exhibition center present areas that are difficult to access using traditional high-level cleaning methods. The presence of VVIPs and important guests at this iconic address also means that maintaining privacy for its occupants is a key concern for ADNEC.

El Tawil further states, "No one angle of the building is the same and each panel of glass is different, which means the standard methods of cleaning just won't suffice. We have deployed a combination of access machine operators and abseiling or rope-access technicians to tackle the many hard to reach areas and ensure efficient cleaning. Abseiling (rope-access) is one of the safest methods of high-access cleaning techniques that GRAKO specialises in.

We are also cognisant of the presence of VVIPs and important guests. We work in coordination with ADNEC and the management of Hyatt Capital Gate to ensure that our teams are relatively invisible and noninvasive, to maintain the privacy of occupants at the hotel and offices," adds El Tawil.

GRAKO's unique approach towards specialised high-level cleaning services involves a complete project evaluation and includes eco-friendly and safety focused operations. Gecko Middle East, a company owned by GRAKO is its rope-access division, and a member of the International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). IRATA is an organization that ensures the highest levels of safety for rope-access specialists.

GRAKO is responsible for keeping some of the UAE's most prestigious properties and landmarks shining, including architectural marvels, popular shopping malls and hotels. The company is also the proud winner of the ‘Cleaning Company of the Year 2011' at the FM Awards in the UAE for its outstanding achievements and level of commitment to its customers.


GRAKO is the Middle East's leading cleaning company and is based in Dubai, UAE. The company specialises in high-level access cleaning solutions for both internal high-access and external building surfaces. GRAKO focuses its expertise on providing various industries with a customised solution to access and clean hard to reach surfaces on any property including residential and commercial, government and public areas, and Industrial properties.

GRAKO provides dedicated and certified professionals, trained to the highest global standards. Gecko Middle East, owned by GRAKO is the rope-access division of the company and is a member of the International Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA). GRAKO is a trusted partner to more than 80 clients in the UAE, including prestigious estates and world-renowned projects. For more information visit:

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