As a full member of IRATA, Gecko provides proficient industrial rope access services to help clients gain safe and efficient access to hard-to-reach internal or external areas of residential, commercial or industrial properties and structures. This access can be provided regardless of height, shape, façade type or size of the asset.

Gecko Middle East also leverages the wide range of high-level access techniques offered by its parent company GRAKO, to offer comprehensive services to its customers.

Rope Access Services:
Gecko pairs robust project management practices with IRATA certified rope access techniques to provide services that include:
  • Inspection

    Trades related to surveys, NDT and third party inspection.
  • Surface Treatment

    Trades related to surface cleaning, preparation and protection.
  • Mechanical & electrical

    Trades related to different types of hot work on structures and electrical maintenance.
Applicable industries:
Gecko's capabilities are well established in the following domains: public infrastructure, residential and commercial properties, as well as manufacturing, oil & gas, marine and offshore sites.