Each and every one of our rope access technicians feel a great sense of pride about the work they perform
Our workforce is at the heart of our success. As such, we invest in our people over the long term, by providing on-going coaching programs that develop their long term careers as rope access experts.

Our technicians feel a deep sense of satisfaction about the unique job they perform. Only the most diligent, safety conscious and meticulously thorough technicians are selected to join Gecko's ranks. They are first put through a vigorous hands-on training program, where extensive safety protocols and methodologies are instilled into them for their own benefit, until safety measures become second nature to them. After this, they take on a series of regulated tests.

Upon verifying that their level of skill and knowledge meets the requirements of IRATA, they are authorized to enter the workforce as trainees. As a trainee they gradually move through the ranks, improving their skills and taking on more interesting and challenging tasks as they progress. This provides them with a series of goals, accomplishments and valuable experience as they advance through their career.