The Client: Emirates Financial Towers, Dubai A Slippery Situation The Challenge: The main challenges faced at the work site were the sloped and slippery glass rooftops, and the lack of anchor points for rope access equipment to be rigged. Both challenges required critical thinking and creativity to come up with a suitable customized solution that met deadlines. Clients Requirements: The client had a short deadline to complete final installation works in hard-to-reach areas in order to handover the building to the developer on time. The client was unable to secure cradles (BMUs) in time to provide the required access.

The client required Gecko to carry out the work on the towers’ sloped rooftops and the circular bridge connecting the towers, via rapid deployment of rope access technicians. The work scope included:
The Solution: Gecko was chosen for its ability to meet the client’s criteria and provide a customized solution for their distinctive needs. After a detailed project risk and safety assessment, Gecko executed its plan of action.

The glass panels on the rooftop were removed temporarily to allow access to sturdy support beams beneath them. With the anchor points firmly in place, Gecko’s certified team of technicians were able to traverse the tower’s roofs and bridge to perform a variety of installation tasks.
The Result: Gecko completed both rooftop installations in one month each and the interconnecting bridge installations were completed in one week, thereby meeting all criteria and securing client satisfaction.