The Client: Abu Dhabi Financial Center, Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi Dodging Nature’s Fury The Challenge: The main challenge was meeting timelines while working amidst the island's unpredictable, windy conditions. Moreover, the building's BMUs were very large which meant that they would sway in the heavy winds and crash into the glass façade, for which reason the client eliminated BMUs as a viable option. Clients Requirements: The client was looking to appoint a specialized high-level access cleaning company to perform post-construction cleaning on few buildings of the luxury high rise office complex in a safe and timely manner. The client’s strict criteria required the cleaning provider to demonstrate credible portfolio of clientele, offer competitive rates, and proof of adherence to international safety standards.

The scope of work included:
The Solution: Given the unpredictable working conditions and limitations of the BMUs, Gecko needed to deploy an efficient, safe and scalable technique to achieve utmost results during finite durations of favorable weather. The answer was for Gecko to utilize its IRATA certified rope access team.

The schedule of work was revised on a daily basis to ensure that whenever days and/or hours were lost to windy conditions, Gecko was able to scale-up operations rapidly to compensate for the lost downtime.
The Result: After delivering the job on time and without any incidents, the client was pleased to see the actual colors, details and brilliance of the ADFC façade for the very first time.