The Client: The Address Hotel – Burj Downtown Hard-To-Reach Areas The Challenge: The tower's architectural design and canopy in particular prevented easy access, which was required to clean specific external areas. The client's own building maintenance units (BMUs), which were initially intended to perform this job, were unable to reach some sections of the building. Clients Requirements: The inaccessible areas and the remainder of the building were to be cleaned six times a year with each phase lasting a maximum of two months. The client explicitly requested proof of Gecko's certifications and a thorough risk assessment analysis prior to commencing the project. The Solution: A combination of rope access, access machines and pole access techniques were able to provide access to the previously inaccessible sections of the building. The rest of the building's exterior and interior glass walls were also cleaned. The Result: Comprehensive building cleaning from the ground floor right to the top of the structure was completed on time and to the highest quality, including polishing of entrance areas, interior and exterior glass walls, cladding, windows and canopies.