The Client: Burj Khalifa – Burj Downtown A Tall Order The Challenge: Cleaning any building over 200m is considered challenging. At a dizzying height of 828 meters, the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, far exceeded this threshold. The main cause for concern here, was the strong winds experienced at such extreme heights. In addition to this, there were restrictions placed on the crew owing to the area being an active construction site at the time. Clients Requirements: The client wanted the structure to be cleaned not once, but twice. The first round would be a complete wash down and the second round was to be deep cleaning to eliminate all traces of post construction residue. When operating at such heights, coordination with other building contractors was required to ensure non-conflicting schedules. Adherence to the strict standards set by both Emaar's H&S department and other contractors working onsite was also mandatory. The Solution: Gecko assessed the entire 828 meter high façade utilizing highly skilled IRATA trained personnel coupled with access machines (provided by Gecko's parent company GRAKO). A simple subjective assessment of the wind's magnitude was not sufficient at these heights. Wind speed monitors were used to ensure conditions remained safe for rope access to commence and continue. If wind speeds picked up beyond certain limits, the technicians would need to be called off the job until conditions were safe again. Once on-site, high water pressure washing and other deep cleaning methods were used to clear away the tough post construction residue and debris.

A complete risk assessment was executed, with all documentation submitted to the H&S entities involved prior to starting this demanding project. Thorough project management and scheduling was employed to coordinate work with the other contractors on site.
The Result: Comprehensive cleaning of Burj Khalifa was achieved within the required timeline, while meeting all the quality, budget, environmental and H&S objectives to the client's complete satisfaction.